La citation du jeudi (60)

Publié le 5 Janvier 2012

Ce sont Chiffonnette, Cryssilda et Titine  qui le disent


Jeudi citation

Le jeudi, c'est citation anglaise


Un peu de rituel de séduction chez les victoriens:

In truth, Mr. Slope, having made a declaration of affection, afterwards withdrew it on finding that the doctor had no immediate worldly funds with which to endow his child, and it may easily be conceived that Miss Proudie, after such an announcement on his part, was not readily disposed to receive any further show of affection. On the appointment of Dr. Proudie to the bishopric of Barchester, Mr. Slope’s views were in truth somewhat altered. Bishops, even though they be poor, can provide for clerical children, and Mr. Slope began to regret that he had not been more disinterested. He no sooner heard the tidings of the doctor’s elevation than he recommenced his siege, not violently, indeed, but respectfully and at a distance. Olivia Proudie, however, was a girl of spirit: she had the blood of two peers in her veins, and better still she had another lover on her books, so Mr. Slope sighed in vain, and the pair soon found it convenient to establish a mutual bond of inveterate hatred.

Anthony Trollope - Barchester Towers


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<br /> Houla c'est pas simple Trollope quand même mais ça a l'air drôle :-)<br />