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Publié le 15 Décembre 2011

Ce sont Chiffonnette, Cryssilda et Titine (à qui je dédie particulièrement cette citation du jour) qui le disent


Jeudi citation

Le jeudi, c'est citation anglaise


Où il n'est question ni de beuveries de Nains, ni de chaussures à talons, des faits restent encore à établir:

The Nauglath are a strange race and none know surely whence they be; and they serve not Melko nor Manwë and reck not for Elf or Man, and some say that they have not heard of Ilúvatar, or hearing disbelieve. Howbeit in crafts and sciences and in the knowledge of the virtues of all things that are in the earth or under the water none excel them; yet they dwell beneath the ground in caves and tunnelled towns, and aforetime Nogrod was the mightiest of these. Old are they, and never comes a child among them, nor do they laugh. They are squat in stature, and yet are strong, and their beards reach even to their toes, but the beards of the Indrafangs are the longest of all, and are forked, and they bind them about their middles when they walk abroad.

J.R.R. Tolkien - HoME 2, The Book of Lost Tales, part 2 (The Nauglafring)

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<br /> Cryssilad pourra faire partie de la bande quand elle aura les cheveux jusqu'aux pieds !!<br />
<br /> Ces histoires de barbe, c'est effrayant quand même !!!<br />
<br /> Oh, une "citation du jeudi" sur le blog d'Isil   !<br />